Candy ~ A Palomino Angel

14 06 2007

Candy, 14.1hh Palomino Mare, approximately 24 years old. Rescued by Last Angel Equine Rescue.

The day that I first met Candy, she was standing miserably, lonely and neglected, on a dis-used piece of waste land within a housing estate, and the information I had learned about her future sickened me…she was due to go to slaughter. I was told it was because she had bucked and bolted when someone tried to ride her. Not a good reason to slaughter a horse!!! And, in all the time I have known her, she has never bucked or bolted. Quite an acheivement for any horse! This just proves to me again, that it is usually the way a horse is treated that determines a behaviour.

Candy had ‘shut down’ emotionally and she was also a very defensive mare, due to the fact that she was unloved and uncared for. After the initial foot care, vet treatment and dentistry was carried out, it took 3 months to gain her trust enough for her to come to me. I spent every day sitting in her paddock reading books and magazines, (much to the amusement of everyone at the livery yard where she was at the time.) Eventually though, she decided that she would come over and see what this odd woman was doing sitting in her paddock every day! And that was it! That was the point at which we became the best of friends. There is nothing like seeing a horse who has lost all trust in humans come around and be willing to trust again.

She is very prone to Laminitis, and I sometimes wonder if that was another reason why she was no longer wanted. Yes, Laminitis can be a difficult condition to manage, but it isn’t impossible to manage! It would have been such a waste of a beautiful life.

It took a long time for Candy to gain trust in people, but eventually she trusted again. Once she gained her confidence, her wonderful nature had a chance to shine through. She just needed some understanding, patience and of course, love.

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