Gruesome Scene of Horse Suffering Uncovered

13 06 2009

“Just three weeks ago, 25 thin and neglected foals, stallions and pregnant mares were removed from an isolated farm in Aberdeenshire. The semi feral horses had not been handled or received even the most basic of care for many months and were forced to wade through thick mud to reach what little grazing was available. They had been allowed to breed indiscriminately and the body of a still born foal had been left where it lay. A weak and collapsed filly was also found and had to be put to sleep.

The plight of the horses was discovered after a concerned member of the public called World Horse Welfares free UK Welfare Hotline. Field Officer Doug Howie was sent to investigate and was shocked at what he found. Doug knew that in order to get the horses signed over and ensure their safe removal, he would have to keep quiet about a terrible discovery he had made at the premises.”


Horse Angels Rescue Forum

1 06 2009

Horse Angels Rescue Forum is Last Angel Equine Rescue’s forum for horse lovers and all those interested in horse rescue, welfare and rehabilitation. Topics include: Natural hoof care, keeping horses barefoot, paddock paradise systems, horse welfare news and articles, uk and international, horse care and health, and horse training and behaviour. Horses and ponies looking for adoption homes can only be viewed if you are a registered member. Please feel free to come and join! Just click the banner to visit our forum:

Last Angel Equine Rescue Forum

Please help this starved horse

30 12 2007

This is a plea from a dear friend of mine who is in the USA. She is in Liberty, South Carolina really needs a helping hand to pay for hay and feed to keep this horse alive!!!!

There is a paypal button on her site. Please go here: Starving horse in need  and donate a minimum of $2.00 if you can, please!….it’s not much to ask to help this beautiful horse who has suffered so much. She has a chance now, with my friend’s help. Please help her!!!!
Thank you so much
Last Angel Equine Defence

UK horses need your help! Could you be a horse angel?

17 12 2007

Please join our Horse Angels Rescue Forum this is a free to join community where updates and appeals for horses are placed. We would love to hear from any horse lovers who would like to be a part of our group, and who can help us with appeals and fund-raising.

Could you be a horse angel?

Last Angel Equine Rescue are looking for caring and experienced people who can foster or offer a permanent home to an unwanted horse or pony. We get a lot of enquiries from people who are looking for the ‘perfect’ rideable horse/pony. If that is what you’re looking for, we just don’t have it! We deal with equines that may have some problems or have been abused or neglected, or who are simply no longer wanted, and whilst some may be rideable, on the whole they will be suitable as companions only.

Guardian angels wanted to care for rescued horses and ponies

Do you live in the UK?

Do you have the experience and facilities to care for a rescued horse or pony? If you do, we want to hear from you!

Some people would say that if a horse is due to be slaughtered, it is for a good reason. In some cases, ie if the horse is terminally ill or has such a chronic condition, that it is suffering, then the reason is obvious. We are only talking about those horses that are due to be slaughtered for all the wrong reasons. We are all aware that many horses or ponies still continue to end up at the slaughterhouse unnecessarily; horses and ponies that owners have become bored of, can’t afford to keep, or are misbehaving when ridden.

Rescuing a horse is by no means a walk in the park! but the rewards are enormous when you see a previously badly treated animal learn to trust again and blossom before your eyes.

To apply to become a guardian angel to rescued horses,  please fill in our online application form here: Last Angel Foster and Adoption Application Form

If you can help with transport, either with your own horse lorry or horse trailer, or you you could just drive a borrowed one for us, please send an email to:

Last Angel Equine Rescue

Virtual vigil for slaughtered horses

13 12 2007

International fund for horses

Virtual candlelight vigil in rememberance of slaughtered horses
Please click below and light a candle:

Candy ~ A Palomino Angel

14 06 2007

Candy, 14.1hh Palomino Mare, approximately 24 years old. Rescued by Last Angel Equine Rescue.

The day that I first met Candy, she was standing miserably, lonely and neglected, on a dis-used piece of waste land within a housing estate, and the information I had learned about her future sickened me…she was due to go to slaughter. I was told it was because she had bucked and bolted when someone tried to ride her. Not a good reason to slaughter a horse!!! And, in all the time I have known her, she has never bucked or bolted. Quite an acheivement for any horse! This just proves to me again, that it is usually the way a horse is treated that determines a behaviour.

Candy had ‘shut down’ emotionally and she was also a very defensive mare, due to the fact that she was unloved and uncared for. After the initial foot care, vet treatment and dentistry was carried out, it took 3 months to gain her trust enough for her to come to me. I spent every day sitting in her paddock reading books and magazines, (much to the amusement of everyone at the livery yard where she was at the time.) Eventually though, she decided that she would come over and see what this odd woman was doing sitting in her paddock every day! And that was it! That was the point at which we became the best of friends. There is nothing like seeing a horse who has lost all trust in humans come around and be willing to trust again.

She is very prone to Laminitis, and I sometimes wonder if that was another reason why she was no longer wanted. Yes, Laminitis can be a difficult condition to manage, but it isn’t impossible to manage! It would have been such a waste of a beautiful life.

It took a long time for Candy to gain trust in people, but eventually she trusted again. Once she gained her confidence, her wonderful nature had a chance to shine through. She just needed some understanding, patience and of course, love.

Last Angel Equine Rescue

Last Angel’s Forum: Horseangels Rescue Forum

Until they are safe-people against horse slaughter-USA

14 06 2007

To join People Against Horse Slaughter at Care2:

To download the poster, say NO to horse slaughter, and for more information: