Update ‘Belle’ The horse saved from a french fattening farm

9 05 2009

Belle is an 18 year old mare who was due to be slaughtered. She was at a french fattening farm and funds were urgently needed to help transport her to a rescue centre in France. Last Angel Equine Rescue raised £611.00 to save Belle, who is safe and well, thanks to the donations so kindly received.

UPDATE: From Equine Section
Belle is as I write this on her way to the epona trust pony rescue and will arrive there this evening. We raised altogether £611 and then someone sent me 350 euros to there was plenty to get her out of the fat farm. I am getting the transporter that goes over to france to bring the rescue horses back the money to give the farmer and he will give me a receipt for it.

Please thank all your supporters for their donations the old lady is now on the way to a loving place for the rest of her life.


Further update received via email Sunday 8th June 08
From Belle’s new home The Epona Trust in France:

I am happy to tell you that belle arrived at the Epona Trust and is doing well on her first day. She arrived at 11:45 pm yesterday and all the other horses raced to greet her, she is settling in well, and we will send you some photos of her when we get some!
Thank you

Further update

For those who don’t know her, Belle is a bright chestnut mare with a white star – she was clearly a very high quality horse who for some reason ended up as a brood mare, and she, and her 8 year old daughter, Romana, both ended up at the fattening farm.

Belle was reserved and was due to come to the UK but when Rober the transporter came to collect her, she panicked in the lorry and had an extreme breathing problem, so he could not bring her as she was unfit to travel – she would have been ‘fit’ to go to Italy but not fit to come to safety.

She is a beautiful mare, we all just wanted to gather up and hug her, as she had such a lovely face and so down on her luck. She was probably, at some stage in her life, valuable and valued, but she got chucked on the scrap heap probably through no fault of her own, other than getting older.

“Belle is wonderful and she has not had any problems this winter with breathing. We walked her a mile this week to a new field and she acted like a three year old, she has no stress in her life now and everyone who meets her loves her.”

Belle - upon arrival at The Epona Trust

Belle - upon arrival at The Epona Trust

Belle - Latest Picture

Belle - Latest Picture

Belle - At the French Fattening Farm

The following is our original appeal to help Belle:

This is Belle. She is an 18 year old mare currently in a French fattening farm, and doesn’t have long left before she will be transported for slaughter. She is unable to travel to the UK, so needs to stay in France. She has been offered a rescue place but the rescue cannot pay what it costs to buy her. She costs 610 euros – £484 and another 300 euros £238.00 transport costs to get her to the rescue. Total 910 euros – £712. I have donated £130.00 so that leaves £580

Please click the donations link below if you can help: There is a donate button on the page.


Please help save Belle from a tragic journey to slaughter!

“Quote” the less fortunate Equine’s who are still seeking home’s before being needlessly PTS. These Equines are currently on fattening farms in France, their fate will subject them to a 3 day journey from France to Italy with no food water on a crushed lorry containing many foals, pregnant mares often with foals at foot who are within 2 weeks of their gestation period. Most perish before arriving at their destination (the Italian slaughter house!!!!) some may call these the lucky ones. Many of these equines are failed racers, bred for meat or elderly and outlived their use as a brood mare.




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