Please help this starved horse

30 12 2007

This is a plea from a dear friend of mine who is in the USA. She is in Liberty, South Carolina really needs a helping hand to pay for hay and feed to keep this horse alive!!!!

There is a paypal button on her site. Please go here: Starving horse in need  and donate a minimum of $2.00 if you can, please!….it’s not much to ask to help this beautiful horse who has suffered so much. She has a chance now, with my friend’s help. Please help her!!!!
Thank you so much
Last Angel Equine Defence


A warning to UK horse owners, before you part with your horse

24 12 2007

The following article was published in 2001, but is still as relevant now, as it was at the time of publication.

Horses sold for petfood as owners duped

Anthony Browne

Sunday, January 28 2001 The Observer

Hundreds of horses sent into early retirement by their loving owners are being chopped up and sold as dog food by con men.

The owners are being duped into handing over their old horses by criminals who sell them for pet food at £100 each. Police say they know of hundreds of horses that have disappeared, and have uncovered one conspiracy that spans the country.

Hampshire police recently made four arrests after a two-year undercover operation, and are preparing 20 specimen charges. A spokeswoman said: ‘We have got a lot of horses missing. We know it’s common. The owners are really distraught.’

When a horse is too old to ride, owners who cannot afford to keep it often try to find it a new life as a ‘companion horse’ in a stables, keeping other horses company. Ann Pritchard’s horse, Sally, disappeared after she answered an advert in a horse magazine saying ‘companions wanted’. A man came the next morning, showing photographs of where the horse would be kept and of his own horse, which was pining away because it was on its own.

Ann Pritchard trusted the man and handed Sally over. But when she tried to visit her old horse he said she couldn’t and became abusive. One of her friends telephoned him a few days later and he said he still needed a companion horse.

‘I’m very, very upset – it’s very stressful. I didn’t sleep for the first fortnight. I can’t believe I was taken in by this man,’ said Ms Pritchard. ‘I thought I had found a good home for Sally, but instead she’s almost certainly been sold to the knacker’s yard. I haven’t told my daughter yet – it would really upset her.’

In another type of scam, old and injured horses are given a strong painkiller, which disguises the fact that they are lame. They are then sold for thousands of pounds. The new owners quickly discover they have been conned and often sell the horses, which end up in abattoirs.

The con men entice owners through classified advertisements but use only mobile phone numbers. One recent advert in Horse magazine said: ‘Companion horse wanted – any offers considered.’ Another read: ‘Wanted on permanent loan. Any height stamp, loving farm awaits.’

The dealers usually make sure that the owner never sees the horse’s supposed new home. However, in some cases, dealers have persuaded owners to go to fake locations where there are other horses. When they return to visit their horse, they find the place deserted.

Nichola Gregory of the British Horse Society said: ‘It’s fairly widespread. There are a lot of people who can’t afford to look after their horses and a lot of other people who want to make money out of it.’

Many horse owners feel intimated by the dealers and are afraid to speak out for fear of retribution.

‘They are the sort of people who set a hay barn on fire or poison a horse,’ one said.

Sometimes the dealers offer a token sum to the owners for the ‘companion horse’ because it means that they are buying it and so have a legal right to do with it whatever they want. If they simply take the horse without payment, the owners could have some legal redress.

The Observer

UK horses need your help! Could you be a horse angel?

17 12 2007

Please join our Horse Angels Rescue Forum this is a free to join community where updates and appeals for horses are placed. We would love to hear from any horse lovers who would like to be a part of our group, and who can help us with appeals and fund-raising.

Could you be a horse angel?

Last Angel Equine Rescue are looking for caring and experienced people who can foster or offer a permanent home to an unwanted horse or pony. We get a lot of enquiries from people who are looking for the ‘perfect’ rideable horse/pony. If that is what you’re looking for, we just don’t have it! We deal with equines that may have some problems or have been abused or neglected, or who are simply no longer wanted, and whilst some may be rideable, on the whole they will be suitable as companions only.

Guardian angels wanted to care for rescued horses and ponies

Do you live in the UK?

Do you have the experience and facilities to care for a rescued horse or pony? If you do, we want to hear from you!

Some people would say that if a horse is due to be slaughtered, it is for a good reason. In some cases, ie if the horse is terminally ill or has such a chronic condition, that it is suffering, then the reason is obvious. We are only talking about those horses that are due to be slaughtered for all the wrong reasons. We are all aware that many horses or ponies still continue to end up at the slaughterhouse unnecessarily; horses and ponies that owners have become bored of, can’t afford to keep, or are misbehaving when ridden.

Rescuing a horse is by no means a walk in the park! but the rewards are enormous when you see a previously badly treated animal learn to trust again and blossom before your eyes.

To apply to become a guardian angel to rescued horses,  please fill in our online application form here: Last Angel Foster and Adoption Application Form

If you can help with transport, either with your own horse lorry or horse trailer, or you you could just drive a borrowed one for us, please send an email to:

Last Angel Equine Rescue

Please download this petition to help stop horse slaughter

13 12 2007

Please please download this petition. It will only take a minute to download and print. If you could get as many signatures as you can for this petition, it would be such a help! Lets put an end to Stillmans horse slaughter! Details of where to send completed petitions are listed at the bottom of the petition pages.

BHS Stillmans Petition

Information about Stillmans slaughter can be found here:


Virtual vigil for slaughtered horses

13 12 2007

International fund for horses

Virtual candlelight vigil in rememberance of slaughtered horses
Please click below and light a candle: