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Every horse is a gift, Every horse is an angel

Meet Alfie, he is the pony in the pictures. He was due to go to a slaughterhouse. Why? Because he was expensive to keep? Because he was so badly treated that he was afraid of people, and therefore was labelled ‘difficult to handle’? Because he wasn’t considered a potentially ‘good’ riding pony? None of these reasons justify the grim and cruel fate he faced, at the tender age of 3 years old! If horses are given a chance, rather than discarded just because they don’t immediately do what ‘we want them to do’ they then have a chance to become contented, loving, joyous, giving, and with time and trust established between horse and human, they will provide us with one of the most beautiful friendships we will ever know.

The pictures below show Alfie’s before and after pictures. The ‘before’ picture was actually taken a few weeks after he first arrived with us, and at that point, he had put on a little weight, so you can imagine how bad he was at first! The ‘after’ picture is a happy healthy Alfie….as it should be!

Alfie 'Before'

Alfie 'Before'

Alfie 'After'

Alfie 'After'

More about Alfie…
As you can see from the first picture, Alfie hadn’t known care and kindness, to him all humans meant pain and fear.

When I first met Alfie, his headcollar had been left on for so long, that it was beginning to leave sore marks on his face. I led him to his new stable, speaking softly to him all the time. His eyes were huge with fear, and distrust (why should he trust me? He didn’t know I wasn’t going to hurt him! And all humans had ever done was hurt him)

Once he was inside his stable, I took off the headcollar, and he ran to the back of the stable, where he stood, shaking with fear. All I could do for him at that point, was to just leave him alone and let him get used to his new surroundings.

Over the next few weeks, slowly but surely, he became more relaxed and less afraid. But then came down with a chronic chest infection. It was no surprise that he fell ill considering he had been neglected and abused. But it was a blow to us all as he had been doing well. We started him on a course of antibiotics, but they upset his system, and for a while, it was touch and go…we weren’t sure if he was going to make it. But eventually, his fighting spirit pulled through, and he began to get better!

Since then, he has made giant improvements on a daily basis. When he got his strength back, we realised he had a very cheeky character!

Alfie’s favourite trick is to wait until someone has loaded the wheelbarrow full of manure, and then he trots up to it, and tips it all over the floor! He also delights in picking up brooms and carrying them proudly around the yard!

He is a joy to be with, a friend to everyone, and a true angel.

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One response

30 07 2007

It’s amazing and wonderful to see the works done by those passionate about improving a horse’s quality of life… I’ve seen horses turn up where I work, skin and bone… and one had a windsucking collar that once removed took hair and skin with it… so wrong.

Alfie looks awesome in the after photos – well done!

I’ve moved my blog to wordpress and EQUUS can now be found at if you get a chance to update links 😀


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